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2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC - The Midrange Marvel in the Adventure Motorcycle Market !!
Triumph Tiger 800XC 2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC
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"The Triumph Tiger 800 (2010) and 800XC (2011) have made huge impact into the mid range adventure bike class across Europe, United Kingdom and the USA, giving its 800cc German competition sleepless nights.
Now in Africa since 2010 the Tiger 800XC has become a popular choice in the Dualsport industry and for very good reason. Despite some issues with the standard paper air filters being far inadequate for the dusty South African riding conditions.
Craig Marshall - Rider
Triumph Tiger 800XC
Test Location:
(Dualpurpose Motorcycle Training Academy) at Kilarney raceway in, Cape Town.

Its one thing to take an adventure motorcycle on a long ride.
But all to often one does not get a chance to give the bike a rigid structured testing. This is why I chose the new location for DMTA
, Cape Town's new permanent off road motorcycling academy at Kilarney raceway.
We had sand, rocks, deep water, steep loose banks, gravel roads and of course the Kilarney Racetrack - which unfortunately fell through on the day, so we headed out into the hills of Contermanskloof for the road test.
Triumph Tiger 800XC
The Triumph Tiger 800XC is fitted with a High Capacity Generator
Class leading 645w generator allows the Tiger 800 XC to be fully loaded with journey-enhancing electrical accessories.
GPS, Iphone, Heated Garments etc.

Triumph Tiger 800XC
- Overview
The Tiger 800XC is a slightly beefed up version of the straight Tiger 800, with spoked 21 inch front wheel, more travel in the suspension and better suited to Dualsport riding with a heavier emphasis on gravel and off road trails.

Making is debut in 2011, sales of the Tiger800XC have grown worldwide and I can see why - its probably the best midrange adventure motorcycle available today. With more power and bigger engine capacity than the 600cc-660cc and 750cc class bikes, even pillion riders are not an issue when it comes to having a heavy load the Triumph 800XC deliver smooth power in road and off road situations.

Again with Triumph's inline 3-cylinder engine, the Tiger 800XC delivers silky smooth and vibration free touring, with the suspension to handle almost anything you can throw at it. At 215kg wet weight, its relatively easy to handle in the soft sandy terrain and has the long legs for those 150km - 250km tarmac stretches on your travels.

Out of the five different riders we had at the testing day at Kilarney, all were of the same opinion.
"An outstanding motorcycle".
Triumph Tiger 800XC
Triumph Tiger 800XC
Make Model
Triumph Tiger 800XC
Year 2013
Engine Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line three-cylinder.
Capacity 799cc
Bore x Stroke 74.0 x 61.9mm
Fuel Induction Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Ignition Electric
Clutch Wet, multi-plate
Gearbox 6-speed
Max Power 95PS / 94bhp / 70 kW @ 9300rpm
Max Torque 79Nm / 58 ft.lbs @ 7850rpm
Final Drive O ring chain
Frame Tubular steel trellis frame
Swingarm Twin-sided, cast aluminum alloy
Front Suspension Showa 45mm upside down forks, 220mm travel
Rear Suspension Showa monoshock with remote oil reservoir, hydraulically adjustable preload, rebound damping adjustment, 215mm rear wheel travel
Front Brakes win 308mm floating discs, Nissin 2-piston floating calipers, (ABS model available)
Rear Brakes Single 255mm disc, Nissin single piston floating caliper, (ABS model available)
ABS Independently activated by front level and rear foot brake.
Instrument Panel
LCD multi-functional instrument pack with digital speedometer, trip computer, analogue tachometer, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, service indicator, TPMS ready, switchable ABS and clock
Tyres, front/rear Front 90/90 ZR 21 Rear 1150/70 ZR 17 Tubes
Seat Height Adjustable 845mm (33.2in) - 865mm (34.0in)
Ground clearance 16.5cm
Wheel Base 1545mm (60.8in)
Dry-Weight 215kg ready to ride
Fuel Capacity 19 Litres
ZAR109 500 (ABS) - Mike Hopkins Motorcycles, Finance Available
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Triumph Tiger 800XC
Triumph Tiger 800XC
215kg is well within the "Handle able" range if you come across some wet mud or soft sand along the way.
The Triumph Tiger 800XC has enough power on tap to feel like a much lighter bike, although the centre of gravity is a little high it was still very manageable in this deep (45cm) water crossing.

Gladly Triumph kept the fuel tank small which helps keep the top heavy feeling to a minimum. It really handles like a much lighter motorcycle, I'll give it that.
Triumph Tiger 800XC
Off Road Handling:
At speeds the bike is a pleasure to muscle around on the dirt. The Tiger 800 has loads of power so drifting around corners is a piece of cake, and it remains well behaved in most situations. With the very sensitive throttle, it was a little tricky on the rock crossings - but a little slip of the clutch sorted out the rush of power.
Remember this bike was not design to be ridden in 'Enduro" style trails and singletrack - but technical or open gravel roads the Tiger 800 is a formidable machine.
The 800XC is the perfect compromise between comfort, power and light weight handling on the rough. perhaps a total novice would not feel so confident with the over sensitive throttle.
Triumph Tiger 800XC
Wind Protection:
The standard screen fitted to the Tiger 800XC is a little on the small side. It feels like your riding a "Naked Bike" and crash helmets with peaks can be an issue if you're not used to tipping your head forward. The low rider accessory seat may compensate for the short screen, but standard its a bit small and offers little wind protection.
Bespoke screen adjuster mechanism which allows an adjustment range of 47mm. price R2100.00
Seat Height and Comfort:
The Adjustable 845mm (33.2in) - 865mm (34.0in) seat is a grate positive aspect and will make most riders happy to have at least the balls of their boots flat on the ground. Additional accessory "Low Rider" seats are available for the Tiger 800.
Comfort level is fantastic and I could easily do
600+ kilometers without batting an eyelid.
Handlebars and rider seat are both adjustable for optimal rider comfort

ABS System off road:
The testing structure was identical to the trials we did with the Explorer 1200. And because of the difference in weight, the Tiger 800XC stopping distances were also shorter with the ABS active.
The ABS is activated individually, by either the front lever or rear foot brake. This makes for safe usage on loose gravel, but again riders must take care to not over use the ABS, the front end can become unstable if not held in check by strong arms.
A disappointing feature is that you have to scroll through many menu steps do disengage the ABS.

**Dust Issues** off road:

Since the launch of the Triumph Tiger 800Xc in Southern Africa - many riders have experienced issues with the standard paper air-filters clogging up, and the bike will not idle.
The solution is to do a replacement to the DNA oil type filter, and a foam pre-filter in the opening of the air-box, as well as a foam cover over the long snorkel under the seat, which is attached to the intake. Caution should still be taken for riders riding in formation off road.
DO NOT FOLLOW CLOSELY IN SOMEONE'S DUST STREAM. The pre-filter is not a guarantee that the bike wont clog up if exposed to excessive dust. Contact your local Triumph dealer for the conversion if you intend to do lots of gravel.
Triumph Tiger 800XC

"The Triumph Tiger 800XC"

Beginner, intermediate or even discerning expert riders will definitely get a kick out of riding the Tiger 800XC. The bike is absolutely vibration free and has plenty of power on hand. The throttle can be a bit too sensitive in technical and slow riding situations.

On the Road - the Triumph 800XC is incredible smooth like one would expect from a 3 cylinder. Triumph are well know for their smoothness and the Tiger 800XC is both smooth and powerful without being a huge intimidating bike.

Overall General Opinion:
I think its safe to say that we will soon be seeing a strong force of Triumph Tiger 800XC's on the gravel roads around Southern Africa. Its a definite winner in its class and will far out perform its competition. I personally am convinced it will be a leader in the market place, Triumph Cape Town and SA just need to get more demo's out there and let the riders experience this Marvel of Middle class for what it is and can be. A true champion.

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This assistance plan is linked to the motorcycle and can therefore be transferred from owner to owner should you sell your motorcycle. It expires after two years and can be renewed for a further 2 years for approximately R500.
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