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Zero Electric Motorcycles in South AfricaZero Electric Motorcycles in South AfricaZero Electric Motorcycles in South Africa
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The 2009 ZERO X Electric Motorcycle

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Electric Motorcycles Africa (Pty) Ltd is the official Distributor for Zero Motorcycles in South Africa.
All models available for demo in South Africa from December 2013


ZERO X Electric Trail Bike - Downhill Singletrack
The Zero Electric Revolution
The versatility of this electro techno dream machine is truly incredible. I tested it on the MX track, around the mountains of Somerset West and on the Singletracks of Stellenbosch.
The Zero X bike is everything you want it to be and more...
Craig Marshall
Test Ride Locations

On the MX Track:
Although the ZERO X is not specifically designed for the Moto-X track we did do serveal tests on the Gordons Bay MX Track.

In the Mountains:

There are several freeride locations and mountain sides around Cape Town, we took the ZERO X for a spin on some pretty testing and steep trails.

In the Forests:
Stellenbosch has some of the top mountainbiking singletrack in the country, We tested the
ZERO X on some of the nastiest downhill tracks.
ZERO X - Moto-X Track

2KWh Powerpack provides up to 2 hours of cruzing around the forests
ZERO X Turning Heads
All you have to do is drive around town with this bike loaded on the back of your pick up - It turns heads like nothing else.
Then ride silently up the forest track passed some sweating mountain bikers..... and chuckle.
Zero X Extreme Electric (Trail)
Zero X Extreme Electric (Trail)
Zero X Extreme Electric (Trail) - 2009 Specifications
Electric Motor  
Type Brushed permanent magnet electric
Torque 50 ft-lbs (67.7 Nm)
Peak horsepower 23 horsepower
Peak electrical input 17,400 watts
Power System  
Battery Lithium ion Array
Capacity 2 kWh (58volts @ 35Ah)
Range 2 hours or 64 km, longer if you freewheel downhill
Recharge time Less than 2 hours (1.5 hours from totally flat)
Input Standard 220V
Acceleration 0-80km/hour in 4 sec
Drive Train  
Transmission Clutchless one speed
Drive system 12T / 73T, 420 Chain
Suspension, Brakes  
Front Whyte Brothers - 200.7 mm travel
Rear Marzocchi DH - 215.9 mm travel
Front brakes Hayes 4 Piston hydraulic, 203mm rotor, hand actuated
Rear brakes Hayes 4 Piston hydraulic, 210mm rotor, hand actuated
Wheel base 137.2 cm
Seat height 88.3 cm
Rake 23 degrees
Frame 5.9 kg
weight without battery 52.2 kg
Battery 20.9 kg
Riding weight 73.0 kg
You can get most of the
ZERO X wet without compromising the electronics. However it cannot be totally submerged and its not a good idea to get water into the vents of the battery. But for normal riding and puddle splashing, its pretty waterproof. The battery must be removed for cleaning after riding.

Battery Range/Life:
This particular test bike is the ZERO X (Extreme) and is fitted with a torque and speed setting. I discovered by changing it to the low torque low speed setting, the battery lasted about 2 hours and more if I freewheel the downhill sections.
Hanging on the throttle and spinning the rear all the way round an MX track and you'll be lucky if you get 1 hour.

Recharge Time:
From totally flat to fully charged normally takes about 1 and a half hours. Its NOT advisable to leave the battery uncharged. Regular topping up will not build a memory and is best suited to Lithuim Ion cells.

Off Road Handling:
On the MX Track:
Although the
ZERO X is not specifically designed for the Moto-X track like its bigger brother the ZERO MX, it can still deliver a thrill ride and be extremely competitive. The suspension however is not suited for big MX jumps, so even with a light rider of 56kg, the ZERO X was bottoming out on landing.
The MX version has beefed up Front fork and rear suspension.

In the Forest:
You would think given the size and weight (73kg) that the ZERO X would be too heavy for singletrails - right? - not at all !!
I was able to maneuver the bike and whip it about with almost equal agility to a downhill mountain bike of 20kg. It does have its limitations, and the throttle must be treated carefully in technical sections - but that's all forgotten when you reach the bottom, turn around, and blast back up the forest roads to the top of the track for another downhill run - its ridiculous how many runs you can do in a two hour session!

On the Mountain Trails:
The ZERO X come into true form on mountain trails no matter what kind of terrain - sand, rocks, mud, steep or flat, this bike can chew it all up and spit it out. The X version is light enough to throw around like a Mountain bike.
The secret is not to be too heavy on the throttle if you want the battery to last a two hour session - and freewheel on the downhill sections.

Power to Weight:
At only 73kg and delivering 23 horsepower - you can expect to be pleasantly surprised when climbing aboard the ZERO X.
WARNING!! do not think for one minute that this bike wont put you flat on your back if you give it half a chance. The front end is extremely light and great caution must be taken when riding. The
ZERO X is so powerful that the front end has a tendency to lift under full acceleration.
The climbing ability of this bike is truly amazing, embankments of 45 - 50 degrees are a piece of cake for this Electro wonder machine.
Overall Opinion
There is simply no better way to describe the
ZERO X electric motorcycle, other than Ridiculous Fun !! - it does seem very Alien to open the throttle and silently shoot away from 0-80km/hour in under 5 seconds. Every person who experienced this bike during this testing - was left wide eyed and grinning. And all with the similar comments - "F*&%$# ! this thing is fast, I want one!" was the number one comment from ALL first time riders who got a chance to ride it whilst here in the Cape.
Although the bike will retail in the region of R75 000, with ZERO cost for fuel, ZERO cost for oil, and ZERO cost for engine services and replacement parts required - you will see a massive saving after you have owned the bike for some time. With correct treatment of the Lithuim Ion battery it should last for 5 years and more. Replacement batteries are prices at R20 000 - but they are getting cheaper each year.

ZERO X is everything you want in a light trail bike with a similar agility to a downhill mountain bike - but with the power and speed of an 85cc or 125cc MX race bike. If you ever get the opportunity to ride one of these Electro Techno dream machines - do so. and if you can afford to purchase any of the available models, you wont be sorry.



The 2013 ZERO Electric Family

ZERO S (Street) - ZERO DS (Dualsport) - ZERO XU (Urban Crosser) - ZERO FX (Urban/off-road) - ZERO MX (Motor-X)
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Zero Electric Motorcycles in South AfricaZero Electric Motorcycles in South AfricaZero Electric Motorcycles in South Africa

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