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Dualpurpose Motorcycle Training Academy:
Killarney Raceway, Table View, Cape Town.
Brand new to Cape Town - the DMTA has been set up in conjunction with
the McCarthy Group
4x4 driving instructor Gurney Blackbeard and highly
experienced adventure biker Craig Marshall, owner of

A permanent Dualsport Academy is long overdue in the Cape Town area
DMTA will be working with most of the local motorcycle dealerships in
the Cape Metropole.

Motorcycle Courses:
Like most riding schools DMTA will offer beginner, intermediate and
advanced Dualsport riding classes - with progression and safety being
the focus.
Additional course in "Overland Adventure Trips" and refresher courses
to Actual Dealership and Motorcycle Specific training will be available.

Courses Offered:

Dualpurpose Training Course
Overlanding & Long trip riding courses
Dealership /Motorcycle Specific training
One Day Refresher courses

With your own bike and rental bikes available for the course.
Full clubhouse facilities include toilets, restaurant and bar.
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