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BMW R1200 GS AdventureBMW R1200 GS AdventureBMW R1200 GS Adventure
The BMW R1200 GS Adventure - A Formidable Adventure Touring Motorcycle - despite its size.
BMW R1200 GS Adventure
2010 BMW R1200gs Adventure

Whats new on the 2010 Model?

• More dynamic engine with two overhead camshafts per cylinder and valves in radial arrangement.

• Increase in engine output to 110 hp at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque to 88 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm.

• Increase in maximum engine speed from 8,000 to 8,500 rpm with an even wider power band.

• Electronically controlled exhaust flap

The BMW R1200 GS Adventure
"For a machine of this size and weight, the agility it attains is truly astounding."
The distance one can cover and the level of comfort is what makes this bike, the ultimate Adventure touring motorcycle.
Craig Marshall - Rider
Test Ride Location
To be fair on this long distance Adventure Touring legend, we gave it a 1600km run over 4 days including the mountains passes of Mosselbay, Attaquaskloof Pass, Cloetes Pass, Robinson Pass, Montagu Pass, Rooiberg Pass, Gysmanshoek Pass, as well as the Seven Passes road between George and Knysna.

Based at Bonniedale Holiday Farm in the Attaquaskloof, we journeyed out daily to put the big beast through her passes, and she delivered each time surprising me with her agility.
The variety of gravel roads and tarred passes in the region makes it a fantastic test ride location.

Long tarred sections are a blast on the BMW R1200 GS and the R1200 GS Adventure. We don't advocate traveling at speeds in excess of 160km / H - but what the hell its sure is a great way to get to the next gravel section right??
BMW R1200 GS Adventure
BMW R1200 GS Adventure
BMW R1200 GS Adventure
BMW R1200 GS Adventure - 33 litre fuel tank
BMW R1200 GS Adventure - Specifications 2011
Engine type Air/Oil Cooled 4Stroke Twin-cylinder Boxer Engine. Four radical valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft, central balance shaft.
Displacement 1170cc
Bore x stroke 101 x 73 mm
Performance 81 kW 110 hp @ 7750 rpm
Max. torque 120 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Compression ratio 12.0:1
Starter/Battery BMS-K / electric
Fuel System Electronic intake pipe injection/digital engine management: BMS-K with overrun fuel cut off, dual ignition
LubricationPrimary drive Shaft
Cooling Liquid
Clutch Single plate dry clutch, 180 mm diameter. Hydraulically operated
Gearbox 6 Speed
Gear Ratios 1.583 / 1.259 / 1.033 / 0.903 / 0.903 / 0.805
Frame Tubular space frame, engine load-bearing
Front suspension BMW Motorrad Telelever;stanchion diameter 41 mm, central spring strut, spring pre-load 9-times mechanically adjustable
Rear suspension Die-cast aluminium single-sided swinging arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever; WAD strut (travel-related damping), spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable to continuously variable levels by means of handwheel, rebound damping adjustable
Suspension travel front/rear 210mm / 220mm
Front brake 2x 305mm discs 2 piston calipers
Rear brake Single 265mm disc 1 piston caliper
Tyres, front/rear 110/80 R19 / 150/70 R17
Top speed 200.6 km/h
Seat height 890 / 910 mm adjustable
Tank capacity 33 Litres
Fuel Consumption 16.8 km/lit
Dry-Weight / Wet Weight
223 kg / 256 kg
2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
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BMW R1200 GS AdventureBMW R1200 GS Adventure
Electronically Controlled Exhaust Flap
The exhaust system features two manifolds with the same design, length and diameter as the previous model, while a modified interference pipe regulates the change in vibration conditions in the exhaust system. Featuring an exhaust flap controlled by an electric motor as well as opening and closing cables, the new 2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure provides a particularly throaty boxer sound naturally in full compliance with legal standards.
To reduce ram pressure and improve the sound of the engine even further, the rear silencer remains the same in design as on the former model and comes with a completely new interior structure.
Double Over Head Cam (DOHC)
The new flat-twin engine is the same as the Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) engine on the BMW HP2 Sport. In its latest generation, the engine has been updated and optimized for the R 1200 GS Adventure, tailored to the specific requirements of a Adventure riding in any variety of conditions and temperatures.
BMW R1200 GS AdventureBMW R1200 GS Adventure

Fuel Economy:
On the dash the fuel calculation ratio hardly moved from 6.2L/100km. Only when sitting at prolonged high speeds in excess of 140km/h on tarred sections, did the consumption change to a max of 7.2L/100km.
The range of the tank is rated at around 550km on a full tank, despite this the range indicator on the onboard computer will show up to 640km if the tank is filled up to the plastic insert under the fuel cap.
The piece of mind knowing you can cross vast tracks of land without needing to re-fuel is extremely calming.

Seat Height and Comfort:

The overall height of the 1200 GS Adventure is a minimum of 890mm and can be adjusted to 910mm for really tall riders. Most will find the seat on the lowest setting to be perfect.
The comfort is fantastic and its narrow enough at the tank to not bother your knees when standing up. The Pillion seat is easily removable, making a nice flat space for strapping on a kit bag if you don't want to use the panniers.

Taking into consideration the super sized fuel tank of 33 litres and the oil coolant capacity of around 4.5 litres - the wet weight is 256kg. This weight is not a factor to the handling of the bike due to its low centre of gravity - unless you encounter very soft sand. Lets face it there has to be some limitation with any bike of this size. The 1200GS Adventure handles like a bike of two thirds its weight.

Wind Protection:

The standard Adventure wind shield is superbly addequate. At speeds of even 160 - 200km and above, the rider is perfectly protected behind the screen. The windshield is fitted with larger hand-bolts for better grip for adjusting its position.

What vibration? The only noticeable vibration was my heart rate at speeds over 160km/h - the TKC 80 knobbles are rated to a maximum speed of 160km/h and the front end will vibrate over these speeds.

Gravel, Mud, Slippery Surfaces:

Must be switched off
ASC Must be switched off
If you accidentally forget to de-activate the ASC (Anti Skid Control) on gravel or loose slippery muddy surfaces - you will immediately notice the engine spluttering and the yellow warning on the dash as the rear wheel begins to slip. Stop and switch the ASC off before any surface other than tar.

Off Road Handling & Suspension:
You have to take charge and ride this bike as if it is a normal size. Forget the fact that its 256kg, because it certainly doesn't feel that heavy. The low center of gravity make handling superb, even in the most challenging of terrain and slippery surfaces.

The addition of the Enduro ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) of the BMW R1200GS Adventure, offers both an on road and off road mode by choosing specific settings for the spring base and damping, the rider is able to adjust the suspension even more precisely to specific needs and requirements.
When riding off road, this ensures a far smoother ride without the disadvantages otherwise experienced on road, such as shorter negative spring travel or greater seat height.

Road Handling:

Away from all the had core gravel roads and rocky river crossings, the big 1200 GS Adventure is an extremely smooth and powerful motorcycle. This attribute is what makes up the other half of any great touring bike. The ability to cover vast distances in a short space of time gives you plenty of options when planning long distance cross country routes.
I did not find any section, even 150km legs on the N2 to be boring or tiresome. Touring is after all about covering distance and discovering new places.....

In fast sweeping bends and mountain pass situations the hard sport suspension setting give maximum road holding whilst providing rigidity for stable low angle cornering. Be sure to take care if riding on full knobbles
BMW R1200 GS Adventure - ASC disabled General Opinion:
Having been a fan of smaller lighter bikes for so many years, I never thought I would have enjoyed riding such a large bike as much as I did over the 1600km test ride in the Gravel Mountain Passes of the Western Cape - I Have been re-educated by the agility, comfort, smoothness, and shear awesome long distance touring ability of the BMW R1200 GS Adventure.

There are many misconceptions about a 1200cc bike as an adventure touring motorcycle. But all one has to do is actually spend a few hundred or preferably, a few thousand kilometers in the saddle of this bike and you too will come to the same conclusion - An all round bike that can do the distance in comfort as well as handle its self when the tar ends..... is what we all want to be riding.

In actuality the only thing I found the big 1200GS Adventure didn't like was of course soft sand. But its a matter of accurate route planning and having the correct sand riding technique - just encase you encounter a few kilometers of soft sand. The rest of the planet is perfectly ridable on the BMW R1200 GS Adventure.
Craig Marshall
BMW R1200 GS Adventure
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