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Trip Preparation and Planning - The information supplied here is merely a suggestion
If you have any better suggestions or handy things to add, please mail us

Whether you have a fully loaded R180 000 BMW 1200 Adventure with all the Bling - or just a 450cc off road farm bike, trip preparation is one of the most important aspects of adventure riding.
A poorly prepared rider will be stranded no matter what you ride.

-Be sure to check out your bike properly before departure or have your agent do so.
-Always ensure your tyres will last the entire distance and the including the return trip.
-A special inspection of the bikes brake pads - especially if its not your bike or a hire bike.

Most Important: Day trips, overnighters, any time you do an out ride
1. Your Motorcycle Licence
2. Mobile phone - with full battery, and airtime
3. Money/Cash, bank cards - always draw cash
4. ID some kind of Emergency numbers for family, doctor, allergies, etc
5. Protective clothing - impact vest unless its in your jacket. Knee and shin guards
...ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time)
6. Bottled Water
7. Small medical kit containing bandages, dressings and basics.
Click for full medical kit for long trips
8. Headache tabs, diarrhea tabs - tightly rolled toilet paper in ziplock bag (Boskak)
9. Headlamp with fresh batteries
10. Rain pants and jacket, rain covers for your boots
11. Sunglasses, reading glasses for reading maps, magnifying glass
12. Your bike tool kit
13. GPS if you have one
14. Paper Route Maps - always handy even with a GPS

Bike Toolkit: - sometimes bike specific tool will be required
1. Wheel spanners, tyre levers - 2 x 30cm
2. Extra tubes
3. Air bombs for instant tyre inflation
4. Puncture repair kit and rim protectors for when removing wheel
5. Duct tape and Insulation tape
6. Extra oil - 500ml
7. Tyre Slime or tyre weld
8. Plastic Steel
9. Cable ties
10. Multitool/Leatherman/Knife
11. Allen Key Set
12. Hose Clamps
13. Spare fuses - 10amp and 5amp
14. Tyre Pressure Gauge
15. Valve Spanner
16. Small ratchet spanner with ratchet and extension, allen keys, and Sockets - 8, 10,12,13,14
17. Small can WD40
18. Chain Lube and small container of grease.
19. Spare Nuts and Bolts for the bike
20. Siphon tube for fuel
21. Spare length of rubber fuel Line

General Touring Stuff:
1. Camelbak - Game, Energade, nothing gassy or alcoholic
2. Small container with Prepsol
3. Wet-wipes
4. Superglue
5. Nylon Cord - 101 uses
6. Ground Sheet
7. Passport - if going cross boarders

Camping Essentials:
1. Cash for campsite
2. Tent and tent pegs
3. Sleeping Bag & small pillow
4. Small tripod chairs or bigger camping chairs
5. Gas Stove and braaiing equipment, tongs, cutlery
6. Lighter, Matches
7. Firelighters, fuel gel sachets
8. Head Lamp with fresh batteries
9. Plastic rubbish bag
10. Dishwashing liquid, in small bottle
11. Cleaning up cloth
12. Bottled Water
13. Plates, bowls, drinking cup for coffee
..........................................If you have any better suggestions or handy things to add, please mail us
Bad planning may leave you stranded
Route your homework
GPS Route Downloads - Print the directions in case your GPS unit fails.
Paper Route Maps - a must...
Basics, but not forgetting some level of comfort


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