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T4A GPS Maps
T4A GPS Maps are a set of 14 regional GPS maps covering most parts of the African continent. If you are a tourist or business traveller and looking for a GPS map to guide you through Africa then you would appreciate the accuracy and detail of T4A GPS Maps.

Our maps are constructed from GPS data sourced from the T4A Community of travellers. People just like you who record their travel experience and share it with the community via our maps. Tracks4Africa collects, catalogue and process these data submissions in order to create a very reliable GPS map. We link a name of a data contributor to a place or a road and this gives our maps integrity.

- Easy and Quick to Assemble
- Extremely Light and Spacious
- Highest Quality Materia
The world's premier Motorcycle Tent.
This MOTOTENT™ is designed to shelter one or two riders, their gear and one adventure motorcycle with panniers.

It provides a motorcycle canopy that hides the motorcycle from curious eyes while protecting it from the elements. It also provides a large sleeping area where two motorcyclists and their equipment can fit with ease. A vestibule is also included where you can leave gear to dry, where you can cook or just sit and relax.
The MOTOTENT™ gives you the confidence to sleep deeply and fully, knowing that your motorcycle is safe and invisible to passersby. It gives you the comfort you deserve and require for long motorcycle journeys.

2015 Shoei Hornet

The all new 2015 Shoei Hornet - Dualsport Helmet
Leatt-Adventure Gear.........................................
The GPX Adventure Pro jacket is designed by Leatt for a perfect fit with any GPX or DBX Leatt-Brace®. Wear a riding jacket designed around the Leatt-brace® not modified to accept it.

The ultimate protector in LEATT®’s Protection line. The BODY PROTECTOR features near 360° of plating and armor with the added benefits of a kidney belt and perfectly integrating with any Leatt-Brace®. LEATT®’s patent pending BraceOn strap systems holds the neck brace to the body protector, yet allows them to move independently. Comfortable, free flowing mesh body holds the armor plates where they are needed most.
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