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Adventure Routes Namibia
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Rosh Pinah - Luderitz - Ais-Ais

Route Info: Cross Boarder Info
2416km excluding the distance from Cape Town (1390km Return = 3806km total from Cape Town

Namibia is one of the Southern African Countries most sort after to ride in. Its vast painted deserts, bleak landscape and endless dust roads make it a Dualsport riders heaven.
***WARNING*** - Expect soft surface sand on most of the gravel roads around Namibia. If you have no sand riding experience, we suggest you brush up on your skills before heading off to Namibia. Make sure you have enough water, fuel, and a medical kit within the group. NEVER ride ALONE unless you are very experienced both mechanically and as a rider and have communication such as a satellite phone.

The Southern Adventure route gives you a taste of Namibia, from the panoramic Fish River Canyon and massive red dunes of Sousasvlei to the coastal town of Luderitz - heading back to South Africa via the Richtersveld National Park.

Point to Point:
Vioolsdrift Boarder crossing - Aussenkehr Nature Reserve - Gamchab 4wd-trail - Ais-Ais - Gondwana Nature Park - Ai-Ais National Park - Fishriver Canyon - Koelkrans Campsite - Canyon Nature Park - Naute National Park - Keetmanshoop - Quiver Tree Forest - Giants playground - Seeheim - Bethanie - Helmeringshausen - Maltahohe - Sesriem - Sousasvlei - Aus - Namib Naukluft National Park - Garub - Sperrgebiet - Kolmanskop Ghost Town - Luderitz - Tsamsvlakte Plains - Huib Hoch Plateau - Rekvlakte Plains - Rosh Pinah - Ai-Ais National Park - Ochtha Border Control (Namibia) - Sendelingsdrift River Crossing (ferry) - Richtersveld National Park - Cornellskop wondergat - Richtersveld Comm Conservancy - Eksteenfontein - Nababiep Nature Reserve - Vioolsdrift.

Sousasvlei Dunes

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Southern Namibia Gallery
Fish River Canyon Road to Ais-Ais Ais-Ais Campsite
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Seeheim Hotel Road to Rosh Pinah Sandy Roads
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Kudu Crossing Friendly Meerkat Pontoon
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Road to Aussenkehr Richtersveld National Park Kolmanskop
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Ginats Playground Largest Sand Dunes in the World Snad Filled House at Kolmanskop Ghost Town
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Quivertree Sunset Deadvlei Dunes Fish River Canyon view Point
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Photographs shot with the DRIFT HD 170
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