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Drift HD 170 Features

  • 1080p High Definition Video Resolution (also records in 720p and SD)
  • LCD Screen.  1.5” Color TFT
  • Video and Photo Capture
  • 4 X Digital Zoom (in 720p and SD recording mode)
  • SD Memory Capacity up to 32GB (not supplied)
  • RF Wireless Remote Control for Hands Free Video and Photo (5m range)
  • 5 Megapixel Still Photos with single or 3sec, 5sec, 10sec & 30sec intervals
  • 170° Wide (8mm wide angle) Fully Rotatable 360°
  • Built-in Microphone & Speaker
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Robust Rubberising and Weather Resistant/Splashproof (DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER)
  • Multi Sport Mounting (Package includes Handlebar Grip, Goggle Mount, Helmet Grip, Head Strap, Velcro Strap and Universal Mount)
  • Standard 1/4” (8mm) camera (tri-pod) thread great for use with after market mounts such as RAM
  • User Friendly Control Panel (menus) in 7 Languages

    PC / MAC compatibility - The Drift is compatible with Windows XP Windows 7, and Vista, Mac OS X 10.2 and later.

Drift HD 170 - Remote Control Easy to use
The Drift HD 170 is one of those gadgets that is so user friendly that you don't ever need to refer to the user manual to understand the operation of it. With the push of the menu button, all is revealed and its pretty straight forward as to how to navigate around the functions and settings.

Because the Drift HD 170 has its own mini display, setting up the angle of view is super easy - and this is a feature most other mini HD helmet cams like GoPro HD or Contour HD do not have.
Radio Frequency Wireless Remote
The remote has to be another strong selling point of the Drift HD 170. Because its RF (Radio Frequency) and not infrared - there is no need for line of sight. Example (on the roof of a car), on the wing of a plane or on the back of your helmet.

The loud audible BEEP is confirmation of recording. and the remote has one button for Start and one button for Stop, so you are always certian of whether its recording or not.
Drift HD 170 LCD Display

Rotating Lens - 360°

With the added advantage that the HD 170's lens can rotate 360° - you don't always have to mount the camera in the up right position. This is especially useful when switching from helmet mount to seat post mount on a Mountain Bike for example.

4 X Digital Zoom
Unfortunately the 4x Digital Zoom only works in HD 720p and SD recording modes -as well as stills shooting modes. But lets not forget this is a tiny little camera and it costs under ZAR4000

Battery life
To charge the camera, connect it with the USB cable, to any USB charger in your car, on your bike or plug it into your computer. Hold the power button until it switches off, the a blue LED will come on while the battery is being charged.

The 1100mAh Lithium-ion battery supplied ia rated to give approximately 2 hours - however I used in when crossing Namibia for over 4 hours, with the LCD screen setting on auto-off after 1 minute. Even after staying dormant for 20 minutes plus - the camera instantly starts recording when the remote or standard record button is activated.
Adjustable Exposure
If you are anticipating low light conditions, the Drift HD 170 has the capability if shooting in "Night Mode" or you have several exposure bracketing settings ranging from -2stops to +2stops over exposed.
Caution should be taken when using "Night Mode" and over exposing simultaneously - the LCD monitor is not calibrated to show the exposure settings when you setting it up. once you see the footage you will see it can be extremely over exposed.
Do a short test clip and review the footage first.
Overall Opinion
For me personally - The Drift HD 170 is an Adventure sportmans dream gadget - having come from a background of being a professional sports photographer for over 25 years and watched how technology has changed the face of photography and video documentaries from the early days of shooting 35mm film and S-VHS video to the modern day pocket size gadgets that far out perform and equally perform against some of the industries most expensive and high-tech equipment. There is nothing to touch the Drift currently.

if you were to compare on-screen, in Full HD...... the footage shot with a professional HD camera costing ZAR80 000 and the Drift HD 170 - I doubt whether anyone would be able to say which is which.

The versatility, wearability, LCD screen, RF Remote, 170° wide and Rotatable 360° lens of the Drift HD 170 is what makes it the most outstanding mini HD camera in the market today.
- Craig Marshall -

With a price tag of ZAR3800 !!!!!!...you will never look at another mini HD camera

What is included in the Drift HD 170 BOX?

  • Drift HD 170 Action Camera (Duh!)
  • 1100mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • RF Remote Control - (5 meter range )
  • Handlebar Mount
  • Goggle Mount
  • Head Strap
  • Helmet Mount
  • Universal Clip
  • Velcro Strap
  • Industrial strength Velcro adhesive pad
  • HDMI Cable for play back on TV
  • USB Cable for downloading to your computer
  • Quick Guide to get you started

    NOTE** No SD memory card is supplied. you need to purchase this as an extra or use one of your existing SD cards - up to 32GB
Drift HD 170 - 5 mega Pixel Stills Images
Drift HD 170 Wearable min HD video and stills camera
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