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Review by Craig Marshall, Dualsport Africa

Outer Jacket Shell
Outer Pants Shell

11 Air-Venting zips

2 Front Water Proof Pockets

2 Air-Venting zips

Removable Thermal and Water-resistant Layer

Removable Shoulder and Elbow pads
Removable Thermal and Water-resistant Layer

Removable Knee pads

YAMAHA Adventure Touring Outfit
(Jacket ZAR4900 Pants ZAR2065)

Available from:

Droomers Yamaha, Belville, Helderberg Yamaha, Somerset West.
• Adventure touring outfit with high water resistant pockets
• Removable thermal lining and a breathable high water ressistant lining
• CE protection in shoulders & elbows and height adjustable in the knees
• 100% Cordura® with water resistant membrane
• Jacket and Pants zip together
• 13 Air-Venting zips
At first glance the Yamaha Adventure Touring outfit is pleasing to the eye, and its even more pleasing to wear.
The misconception for the hot African conditions, is that we don't generally need the inner thermal and waterproof linings, however if you live in the highfeld and find yourself riding in the crisp winter mornings, you will be glad you didnt remove the inner 2 linings. Both the jacket and the pants have a removable thermal layer and a breathable, high water-resistant layer
For air temperatures below 15 C , you may want to keep the thermal layers zipped in and the vents closed.

The Jacket:
A respectable riding jacket is really the starting point for any riders collection of protective clothing. There are more inexpensive riding jackets out there for beginners, but if you own a Yamaha, and like to be brand loyal, there is no better product in their range to compliment your bike like the Yamaha Branded Adventure touring Jacket.

Zip Vents:
With 11 Air-Venting zips, it offers incredible cooling in the mid summer riding conditions around Southern Africa, and especially in slower city riding, where you are not cruising fast enough to create an airflow. Most noticeable are the Armpit vents, directly behind them are vertical vents below the shoulder blade and the 30cm horizontal vent across the entire back - creating a continuous flow of cool air. Added to these are the collarbone vents and upper bicep vents. what more could you ask for. With all the vents zipped closed, the jacket is moderately warm and will do for most cooler riding conditions, provided you have a long sleeve shirt underneath.

Jacket Adjustability:
Equipped with an elasticized and Velcro stitched waist band for comfort fit and minimum airflow in cold conditions.

The Yamaha Adventure Riding pants offer a high level of protection and comfort. The long knee high zips and extra length allow the pants to be worn over MX boots. In addition the extra length ensures that when you sitting down, your pants don't ride up your legs and expose the top of your boots. The knee pads seem to be too low when your standing and walking, but slip into place once you sit down. The knee pad height is adjustable.
The lower leg sections are adequately water resistant for when water splashes up over your legs.

Pants Adjustability:
Equipped with an elasticized and Velcro stitched waist straps on both sides.

The 100% Cordura® outer shell is extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant. Its not waterproof but treated with a water repellant that can shrug off light rain. To increase the water resistance of the outer jacket and pants you can use a product like NIKWAX®
To remove mud stains and dust, remove padding and hand wash in warm water with detergent - DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTNER. hang in a draft warm dry place until 100% dry before re-using.

Water-proofing & Water-Resistance:
lets set the record straight - most adventure suits are not 100% or even 80% waterproof even with the inner waterproof linings, but they do keep you warm and 98% dry in wet conditions. Chances are that if its really pissing with rain, you wont be riding, or will find a bridge or tree to stop under. This is why we have affordable rain suits for a few hundred rand that you can pretty much have a shower in and not get wet. Still, should you be riding in such heavy rain??

Cordura® by nature is designed to be abrasive resistant and offers windblock, warmth and protection against falling, but its not a waterproof fabric.
The Yamaha Adventure Jacket and pants have been treated with a water repellent and will keep you dry from an expected rain shower if you are wearing in the inner water-resistant layers. The outer jacket and pants will still take on water and remain wet, but you will stay dry and warm on the inside.
Remember to close ALL the venting zips in rain.

The sizing could have been more accurately graded for Westerners. Its available from Small to XXL - however the XXL seems to be more like an L and the pants feel like a size 36 not a size 40, which would be accurate for an XXL. So any big XXL and XXXL guys out there may have to look for an alternative suite.

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