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Review by Craig Marshall, Dualsport Africa

Every Biker should have these !!

One's hands and feet generally are the
extremities that feel the cold the most.
This is because your bodies natural
tendencies are to move blood away
from the extremities and keep your
core temperature at 36 degrees.
However with this Far-Infrared technology,
the vest actually heats up your core -
resulting in your body allowing blood
flow back to your extremities. and that
inturn keeps you hands and feet warmer.

Unlike heated grips, which deliver
direct heat by contact - the Infra-Red
pads in the finger tips of the EXO gloves
penetrate through the skin and cause
the blood vessels to dilate, and thus
increases blood flow. The gloves also
use minimal power to produce the
same level of warming as the heated

Battery Pack Option:
The StormRider vest, with lightweight battery pack option, gives you ultimate flexibility, for up to 4 hours of warmth
in the lower back area.

Sports Uses:
Sports where you have 12V battery power like Microlighting, Powered Paragliding, Pipe Cars, ATV the vests and gloves can be wired directly to the battery.
and in the event of no power like Mountain Biking, Paragliding, hiking, Skiing, horse riding, mountaineering and so on the battery pack gives the user full mobility.
The Technology
The EXO² StormRider heated vest has an innovative and unique climate control system that has been developed to satisfy the needs of professional motorcyclists. The StormRider is designed to provide you with warmth where and when you need it, whatever the weather.

The technology centres around a core unique polymer based element that heats up when low voltage is passed through it and is powered by either rechargeable batteries, a mains power adaptor or from the accessory socket of a car or motorcycle. By regulating the voltage applied the heating element can be made to heat up to a pre-defined level to create a uniform area of heat with no hot spots. Uniform distribution and dissipation of heat allows the heating element to be located in close proximity of the area to be heated, thus maximising heating and minimising heating response time.

Loading the polymer, at the heart of the heating component, with conductive particles enhances its conductivity properties and results in the element exhibiting a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) when heated.

PTC is a characteristic many materials exhibit whereby resistance increases with temperature in a non-linear fashion. Once the material reaches the desired temperature, it self regulates. An optional universal controller allows the user to select temperature settings.

No Internal Wires = Machine Washable:
The vest is machine washable - yes washable because there are no internal wires or heating grids.
The StormRider heated garments are truly amazing to wear - besides the comfort of keeping warm with minimal layers - the technology has medical application as well.

Regulation: The vest self-regulates to a temperature of 55°C.
If you're using just the battery then only the panels in the lower back
heat up - once connected to the handlebar controller unit, the entire
front and back of the vest are heated.

The Handlebar Controller has a level from 0 - 9
The optional controller allows you to precisely control the
temperature of your own micro-environment, improving comfort,
freedom and safety.

Other Uses - Off Bike:
The versatility of the StormRider Vest & Neck Warmer is evident when using them on the battery pack.
So those cold morning hikes or cold Rugby Matches can have a new level of comfort. The battery pack will last up to 5 hours if used conservatively.
One only needs to switch it on for about 10 minutes at a time - it can get quite toasty if left on continuously.

A warm welcome to EXO² flexible, robust and safe heat generating technologies
Heated Clothing and Heated Motorcycle Clothing:
Welcome to 'FabRoc®'. This polymer based material is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, crushproof and stretchable. It is intrinsically safe through being chemically inert and is fully CE compliant. It serves also as an excellent format for latent heat transfer in Polymers.

Storm Rider heated Garments
Vest ZAR2950 Gloves ZAR1425 Neck Warmer ZAR700
Inner soles ZAR900 Kidney belt ZAR1425

Available from:

• Extremely safe - due to the positive temperature coefficient properties of the polymer.
• Inert. The polymer is resistant to most chemicals making it ideal for use in extreme environments.
• High energy efficiency - over 98% conversion of electrical energy into heat.
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