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Overberg Coastal & Mountain AdventureOverberg Coastal & Mountain AdventureOverberg Coastal & Mountain Adventure
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Overberg Coastal and Mountain Adventure 1097 km
Dirt Meter:
The Overberg Coastal & Mountain Adventure takes you across 1097km of gravel farmlands of the Overberg Coastline and then up into the Mossel Bay Rural mountains and stunning Historical Attaquaskloof Range.

Full Route:

Somerset West - Grabouw - Highlands Trail - Hermanus - Teslaarsdal - Sandies Glen - Elim - Struisbaai - Agulhas - Bredasdorp - Dehoop Nature Reserve - Malgas - Vermaaklikheid - Stil Bay - Gouritzmond - Mosel Bay - Bonniedale Farm - Langeberg - Gysmanshoek Pass - Heidleberg - Tradouws Pass - Barrydale - Karoon Saloon - Montagu - Robertson - McGregor - Riversonderend - Greyton - Van der Stels Pass - Botriver - Houwhoek Pass
Route Description: Grade: WHITE(Easy, beginners and newcommers with Pillions Riders, all size bikes)

Driving Directions: Day One 318km Driving Directions: Day Two 285km
The amazing four day tour kicks off at the Shell Garage on the N2 outside Somerset West, below Sir Lowry's Pass.
Navigate to the beginning of the marked route at the turning to Viljoenshoof - 18.5km further up over Sir Lowry's Pass, 100m beyond the famous Peregrine Farm Stall.

After turning left onto Viljoenshoof, travel 4.9km to Highlands turning. Turn left again, the road becomes gravel after 8.3km - and proceed 19km to meet the R44. Turn Left on the R44 for 300m, then turn right onto the R43 towards Hermanus. Travel 7.3km then turn sharp left onto the Karwyderskraal road - after3.7km turn right onto Gravel and travel a further 9.4km to the small dam, proceed over the dam wall and onto to the T-Junction of R320. Turn left and travel 16.8km through Hemel en Aarde.

Turn Right as the road starts going up Shaws Pass (Tar) onto the Teslaarsdal / Solitaire turning (Gravel). Travel 15.6km to the T-Junction - turn sharp right towards Bredasdorp and proceed 10.4km to the next Skew-Junction - bear right again and travel another 1km to the tar road R326.

Turn Right to Stanford and travel 10.4km through the Akedisbergpas and then turn left onto gravel farm road and go for 5.4km to the T-Junction.
Go another 3.3km to the next T-Junction, then turn Left towards Sandies Glen and turn right after 500m.
Travel for 6.3km - the turn right - NOTE *** the turning at Sandies Glen is VERY easy to miss.
The small gravel forest road winds on through the kloof for 8.3km to the T-Junction.
Turn right and travel 2.3km and turn left towards Elim. Travel 7.7km to the T-Junction and turn left to Elim again. Travel 1km through the settlement of Elim and turn Sharp Left at the main Junction towards Struisbaai.
This road becomes gravel - travel 34.5km to the T-Junction R319 at Struisbaai.
Turn Right to Cape Agulhas and travel 12.4km through Agulhas to the lighthouse and beyond on the gravel road to the Southern most tip, view point.

Travel back on the R319 towards Bredasdorp for 30.9km into town. Fill up with Fuel here, it is the last fuel stop till Stilbaai (188km) away.
Leave bredasdorp on the R319 and travel 7.3km to Gravel Junction turn right onto Ouplaas Road to De Hoop nature Reserve.
Travel 33.2km to the turning right to De Hoop Nature Reserve.
The pay point booms are 6.3km along the gravel road. The camp site is 6.5km further.

Leaving De Hoop Nature Reserve camp site - exit the reserve and join up with the main Ouplaas gravel road.
Turn right at the T-Junction towards Witsand / Malgas.
Travel 4.4km the take the left fork to Malgas - Travel 11.7km to the T-Junction. Turn right to Malgas and proceed for 1.3km and turn left again to Malgas, 2km further is the Breede River Ferry Crossing (The Malgas Pontoon). Rates are about R12 for motorcycles and R30 (prices not accurate)
After crossing the Breede River continue for 2.4km the turn right towards Witsand. Proceed 3.7km and turn right again. After 6.6km at the T-Junction turn Right again onto the R324 (Gravel) towards Witsand and travel for 11.3km then turn left. Proceed for 6.7km and meet up with the R322 to Heidelberg at the T-Junction.

Turn Left and go for 5.5km and turn right towards Vermaaklikheid. Travel 14.9km to the T-Junction and turn Right to Vermaaklikheid again. Travel 10.5km through the settlement of Vermaaklikheid and turn left towards Stilbaai.
Travel 31.4km to the T-Junction close to Jonesfontein outside Stilbaai. Turn left and travel 6.5km into Stilbaai main road Junction. Turn left again at the T-junction and proceed to the Engen Garage (S34 22.251 E21 24.365) on the corner of Ebenhaeser Crescent and Main Road.

Fill up here. Next fuel (97km) - Travel 1.9km down the main road and across the lagoon bridge to the T-Junction. Turn left at the 4 way stop R305 and travel out of Stilbaai for 3.7km and turn right at the Coloured township on Suikerbos Road which becomes gravel after 2km.
After 19.4km the gravel becomes Tar again. After
Travel 14.7km then turn right (Gravel) towards the coast line. Travel 5.7km to the T-Junction of the coastal gravel road. Turn left to Gouritsmond which is 12.4km further.
From Gouritsmond travel 7.9km to the crossroads and turn right to Vlees Bay. Proceed a further 4.2km across the Goutits River Bridge and to the T-Junction.

Travel along for 2.2km and keep left towards Mossel Bay / Boggoms Bay. After 19km you will meet with the N2 T-Junction. Turn right and travel 6.2km to the Total Petroport. NB*** Fill up here - there is no fuel for the next 182km to Heidelberg on day three.
Additional fuel can be arranged for collection at Bonniedale Farm (Call 0446953175) to arrange.

Travel back on the N2 towards Cape Town for 1km then turn right onto the R327 towards Herbertsdale. Travel 14.4km and turn right (Gravel) **NOTE Turn immediately right at the fork again after 350m. Continue for 2km until the Gondwana Nature Reserve gates.


Always ask the location of the Lions in the reserve. Proceed slowly in the reserve and beware of wild animals.
6.8km from the gate, the road forks - take the right fork and proceed another 7.2km to the T-Junction. Turn Left and travel 2.7km to the turning to Bonniedale Holiday farm.
Turn left onto the Perdekop farm road and travel through a series of gates (keep closed) for 19.4km till reaching the Farm house and campsite.

Overberg Coastal & Mountain Adventure
Day 1-2

View Day Three Full Size Interactive Map
View Day Four Full Size Interactive Map
Route Description: Grade: GREEN (Easy, beginners and Intermediate with Pillions Riders, all size bikes)

Guided Tour of this Route is Available - Visit Motorbikehire.co.za Coastal & Mountain Adventure
Driving Directions: Day Three 235km Driving Directions: Day Four 259km
The ride out of Bonniedale is just as spectacular as the 19km route into the farm house.

Leaving the Farm travel 19.4km along the Attaquaskloof road through the scenic valley. There are several gates and the road surface can be loose in summer.
At the T-Junction R327 (Gravel). Turn right and travel for 52km along the main gravel road until the T-Junction R323 (Tar). Turn right and travel for 2.6km and turn left onto gravel again.
Travel for 15.3km until the Left turning to Gysmanshoek Pass. Turn Left onto the gravel road an proceed up the pass. This road may be very loose in summer.

The Gysmansheok pass is 13.2km long through the stunning kloof and meets a T-Junction out the other side.
Turn right at the T-Junction and continue through the farm region for 15.2km until the T-Junction (tar). Turn left towards Heidelberg. Proceed for 7.2km until the next T-Junction at Van Riebeek Street. Turn right to the town. Continue for 400m and take the first left (Rainer Street). Turn left again on Uys Street and go to the Engen Garage (-34.096050, 20.963717)

Leave town again on Van Riebeek Street and proceed in the direction of Suurbraak for 27.7km. At the T-junction turn Right to R324 Tradouws Pass and proceed through the pass for 17.1km till the T-Junction of the R62.
Turn left and travel towards Montagu for 61km until in the town of Montagu.
at the end of town take the second last road right Barry Street. continue till the end of the road and go left towards the Caravan park.
Opposite the caravan park is De Bos Guest Farm and Camping. Overnight stop.
As seen on the maps in Green and the downloadable gpx route file - From Montagu you have a choice of two routes back to Somerset west and Cape Town. The Alternative route is 359km and predominately tar from Touwsriver.

Click for Alternative Route Description 

After filling up with fuel - take the main road out of Montagu in the direction of Ashton and Robertson. Travel 27km into Robertson town on the R60. Turn left to McGregor. Travel for 2.4km and just across the Bree River turn left at the Junction towards McGregor again.
After 15.8km turn left onto the Gravel road to Stormsvlei and Bonnievale.
Travel for 22.3km on the gravel and then turn right towards Stormvlei. Continue for 5.8km to the next T-Junction. Turn right and travel 3.4km to meet with the Tar T-Junction R317. Turn right and proceed for 6.7km until you meet the N2.

Turn Right in the direction of Riviersonderend - Travel 19.5km along the N2 till the Total Garage in Riviersonderend. From the Total Garage travel 2.1km trough Riviersonderend
and the turn right onto gravel farm road.
Travel 34.7km towards until in the town of Greyton. Fill up in Greyton. Exit Greyton on the R406 and proceed in the direction of Genadendal. After 4.6km turn right at the end of Genadendal and travel 26.2km on the road through Beraeville and the road becomes gravel (Middleplaas Road). Just before the T-Junction at the N2 is a small gravel road turning right - this is a short cut to the Boointjieskraal gravel road. Continue for 7.5km along this short cut until the T-Junction. Turn Right again on the Boointjieskraal gravel road.
Travel for 6.3km until the T-Junction R43 (Tar). Turn Left and travel 4.3km then turn right onto Gravel towards Botriver and Van der Stels Pass.
After 5.8km at the T-Junction turn left onto Van der Stels Pass towards Botriver. After 10.6km at the T-Junction turn right towards the N2.
Pass the small township and meet with the N2 Houwhoek Pass.
Travel 36.4km along the N2 over Sir Lowry's Pass and back to the Shell Garage.

Overberg Coastal & Mountain Adventure
Day 3-4
Route Info:
Suitable for All level of Riders, Pillions, and All Size Dual Sport Bikes

Cellphone signal: Most of the coastal sections on day one and two. very little in attaquaskloof on day three.

Start Point Shell Garage N2 Somerset West:
GPS: -34.125853, 18.892695
-34° 7' 33.07", +18° 53' 33.70"

Weather Forecast for Overberg

Weather Forecast in Other Regions
Somerset West
Mossel Bay

Certain Garmin units in the NUVI range will only show way points and will recalculate the route if you import it. Just follow the flags (Waypoints) in this case
Petrol Stations in Overberg
POI (Points of Interest) in the Overberg
Accommodation in the Overberg
Total Petroport N2 Danabaai
-34.180283, 22.028883
-34° 10' 49.02", +22° 1' 43.98"

 Caltex Fuel (Bredasdorp)
-34.531967, 20.038917
-34° 31' 55.08", +20° 2' 20.10"

Engen Fuel (Stilbaai)
-34.370850, 21.406083
-34° 22' 15.06", +21° 24' 21.90"
Bp Fuel (Heidelberg)
-34.096367, 20.963667
-34° 5' 46.92", +20° 57' 49.20"

Engen Fuel (Heidelberg)
-34.096050, 20.963717
-34° 5' 45.78", +20° 57' 49.38"

Breede River Ferry - Malgas Pontoon
-34.302293, 20.588645
-34° 18' 8.25", +20° 35' 19.12"

Duivenhoks Restaurant
-34.311267, 21.030383
-34° 18' 40.56", +21° 1' 49.38"

Sand Dunes at De Hoop Nature Reserve
-34.475200, 20.505833
-34° 28' 30.72", +20° 30' 21.00"

L'Agulhas - Southernmost Point of Africa
-34.832900, 19.999967
-34° 49' 58.44", +19° 59' 59.88"

Attaquaskloof Oxwagon Trail (Bonniedale Farm)
-33.872650, 21.862300
-33° 52' 21.54", +21° 51' 44.28"

Gysmanshoek Pass
-33.936933, 21.071917
-33° 56' 12.96", +21° 4' 18.90"

Tradouws Pass
-33.957080, 20.707927
-33° 57' 25.49", +20° 42' 28.54"

De Hoop Reserve Campsite
-34.454033, 20.399600
-34° 27' 14.52", +20° 23' 58.56"

Bonniedale Holiday Farm Camping
-33.872250, 21.861533
-33° 52' 20.10", +21° 51' 41.52"

R62 Karoo Saloon B&B
-33.928750, 20.562717
-33° 55' 43.50", +20° 33' 45.78"

De Bos Guest Farm & Camping
-33.788867, 20.112433
-33° 47' 19.92", +20° 6' 44.76"
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