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Knysna Mountain Trail 273kmKnysna Mountain Trail 273kmKnysna Mountain Trail 273km
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Dirt Meter:

The Knysna Mountain Trail 273km day ride is one of the most majestic and scenic mountain rides in the Western Cape Garden Route.
This route will take you aprox 6 hours 30 mins

Full Route:
Knysna - Prince Alfred Pass - De Vlugt - Avontuur - Kammanasie - Herold - Montagu Pass - George - Seven Passes - Knysna.
Route Description: Grade: WHITE(Easy, beginners and newcomers with Pillions Riders, all size bikes)

Driving Directions:
Start the route in Knysna at the BP Garage (-34.034683, 23.043567) and travel 6.0km on the N2 in the direction of Plettenberg Bay.
Turn left onto the R339 towards Uniondale / Prince Alfred Pass - after 1km the road becomes gravel. Travel 48.9km to Angies G-Spot (Refreshments/breakfast).
Turn right out of Angies G-Spot - Travel a further 18.7km through the canyon of De Vlugt and out the top of Prince Alfred Pass and through Avontuur to the T-Junction of R62. Turn left and travel 11.7km to the T-Junction at the N9.

Turn right and travel 6.7km up through Potjiesberg Pass then turn left onto gravel road towards Kammannasie. Travel for 35.7km along the stunning river banks of the Kammannasie River to the Y-Junction fork - bear left and continue for 9.3km. Turn Right at the junction 16.8km to the T-Junction.

Turn right and travel 6.1km to the 4 way crossing. Turn left and travel 9.2km until the T-Junction at the N9 tar road.
Turn right and travel 140m the turn left towards Herold and (Montagu Pass).

Travel through Herold into Montagu Pass which becomes gravel. - travel 13.7km down the windy old gravel pass then bear left towards George. Travel a further 3.5km to the T-Junction Tar road C.J.Langehoven Road (N9).
Turn Left and travel through George for 6.5km to Glenwood avenue - turn left towards Saasveld college and 7 Passes - Old Knysna Road.

Travel 16.1km to Heokwil T-Junction - turn left onto tar and travel a further 49.3km on the Seven Passes route which changes from tar to gravel several times, passing through Keurhoek Settlement and Rheenendal.

After the 49.3km Look for the turning to the left o Phantom Pass (Gravel) - turn left onto Phantom Pass and travel 7.3km to the T-Junction on the knysna Lagoon of the N2 to Knysna.
You can proceed under the bridge a further 500m to Crabs Creek Pub and Restaurant.

Turn Left onto the N2 and travel back 6km to Knysna along the lagoon.

Route Info:
The 273km route can be ridden in both directions but we suggest doing it from Knysna to Prince Alfred Pass and then to George. There are some slow going sections especially on Montagu Pass and 7 Passes road to Knysna.

This route is one of the most scenic gravel routes in the western cape. Comprising of 90% gravel and many famous gravel passes - we guarantee a fantastic memorable ride.

Cell phone signal: Parts of the Route

Start Point BP Fuel (Knysna):
-34.034683, 23.043567
-34° 2' 4.86", +23° 2' 36.84"

Knysna Oyster Company Restaurant & Pub
-34.049133, 23.047067
-34° 2' 56.88", +23° 2' 49.44"

Crabs Creek Pub and Restaurant
-34.033950, 22.992667
-34° 2' 2.22", +22° 59' 33.60"

Weather in the Knysna region

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Plettenberg Bay
Mossel Bay
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Certain Garmin units in the NUVI range will only show way points and will recalculate the route if you import it. Just follow the flags (Waypoints) in this case
Petrol Stations in the Knysna Region
POI (Points of Interest) in the Knysna Region
Accommodation in the Knysna Region
Shell Fuel (George) South Cape Motors
-33.958650, 22.464900
-33° 57' 31.14", +22° 27' 53.64"

Caltex Fuel (Knysna)
-34.036467, 23.053500
-34° 2' 11.28", +23° 3' 12.60"

BP Fuel (Knysna)
-34.034683, 23.043567
-34° 2' 4.86", +23° 2' 36.84"

Engen Fuel (Avontuur)
-33.728750, 23.169200
-33° 43' 43.50", +23° 10' 9.12"

Old Toll House - Montagu Pass
-33.918767, 22.416267
-33° 55' 7.56", +22° 24' 58.56"

Veldmanspad Historical Woodcutters cottages - Prince Alfred Pass
-33.987583, 23.147800
-33° 59' 15.30", +23° 8' 52.08"

Angies G-spot Bar/Restaurant -De Vlugt
-33.813583, 23.175333
-33° 48' 48.90", +23° 10' 31.20"

Knysna Oyster Company Restaurant and Pub
-34.049133, 23.047067
-34° 2' 56.88", +23° 2' 49.44"

Knysna Heads Viewpoint
-34.078967, 23.062067
-34° 4' 44.28", +23° 3' 43.44"

Angies G-spot Bar/Accommodation -De Vlugt
-33.813583, 23.175333
-33° 48' 48.90", +23° 10' 31.20"

Woodbourne Resort (Caravan Park)
-34.071367, 23.069233
-34° 4' 16.92", +23° 4' 9.24"

Oyster Creek Lodge
-34.040133, 23.015067
-34° 2' 24.48", +23° 0' 54.24"
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