Alternative Advanced Route to Clanwilliam

The Alternative route to Clanwilliam Dam is a fantastic Adventure route but needs special attention and is more suited to intermediate and advanced riders, as there are a lot of soft sandy sections, very loose gravel and rocks, as well as the odd water crossing. The routes is strictly a 4X4 type of track.

Note: It is 115km from Sanddrift Campsite through Wupperthal to Clanwilliam. Fuel is not guaranteed in Wupperthal, especially on Sundays.

Exit the Sanddrift Campsite and turn left at the T-Junction. Travel 8.6km back to the main route from Cederberg Oasis. At the T-Junction turn Left again towards Wupperthal and Eselbank. Travel 33.8km to Wupperthal. You will experience sections of very loose gravel, rocks and soft sand patches. In the rainy season there are several water crossings.

At the T-junction in Wupperthal continue Straight up towards Bidouw.

From Wupperthal travel 31km through Bidouw Valley and up over Hoek Se Berg Pass (-32.123643,19.182894) and to the T-Junction of the R364.
Turn left towards Clanwilliam and travel for 42km up and over Parkhuis Pass and down into Clanwilliam.
The R364 has recently been tarred.
Refuel in Clanwilliam